Consulting company «Successful Business Academy» Ltd suggests to hold together with your company a seminar on a theme:


The seminar will be interesting for heads of the enterprises of your country, who wish to work with Russian partners.
Listeners of a seminar learn: how to find partners in Russia, what advantages and risks are possible in business with Russian firms, what taxes should pay foreign companies, who wish to trade in  the territory of Russia, what privileges are stipulated for the foreign companies by the Russian legislation and many other questions. Training will pass in the form of lectures, practical tasks (business games), presentations, consultations and answers to questions. All material of a seminar is illustrated by schemes and figures.
In the program of a seminar:
•    Major characteristics of the Russian market
•    Oversea trade with Russia
•    Import/export policy in Russia
•    Certificates required for import/export in Russia
•    Certificates of compliance with GOSTs (all-Russian standards)
•    Customs operations and sample forms
•    Analysis of the Russian market for foreign companies
•    Foreign capital in Russia Public regulation of foreign investments
•    Who to find a partner in Russia? What kind of companies should foreigners seek for in Russia?
Preliminary the duration of the seminar is 2 days. If necessary it is possible to reduce or expand it under your discretion. All counter offers are considered.

Some words about our company. «Successful Business Academy» Ltd is the leading organization of the consulting holding.
For the last time «Successful Business Academy» Ltd successfully develops a direction of the organization of seminars in Russia and abroad.
Listeners of the company are: heads, accountants and lawyers of large Russian, England, Germany, Turkish, Spanish and other enterprises. Experts of our company know in perfection civil and the tax laws, international law, features of the Russian and external economic business.

Basic part of seminars is devoted to development to mutual relation of Russia and other countries. Now «Successful Business Academy» Ltd plans to hold a similar seminar and in your country. We shall be glad, if our offer will interest you. If it is necessary we suggest you to discuss in addition all organizational questions.

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